December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I decided to open up one gift on Christmas Eve, a Kiki's Delivery Service blanket!

This here is my adorable xmas cake! Way too cute to eat, I know, but I had no problem eating two slices since it was beyond delicious!

Everyone please enjoy your holiday with all your loved ones & have a relaxing time! Also, Happy New Years! Sending nothing but positive vibes to you all!

Muah, ♡…


  1. Aw, you have the cutest foods available! I'm so jealous, i love this sort of thing. I guess we'll make do with our brown and round plain christmas cake. Ha, that does sound disgusting! Merry Christmas and enjoy tomorrow! x

  2. Wow! That cake looks delicious! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! :) xo

  3. Where did you get that blanket from!? Haha i want it! So cute :) xox

    1. It's from Kiddyland! I'm sure you can find it online! xo


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