January 12, 2012

What's Currently In My Bag?

My John Masters Organic Tote Bag I received in a magazine comes in handy when I want a low key bag to carry around on my errands. Easy zipper access at the top allows myself to pretty much carry anything & everything I want, haha.

  • Kiki's Delivery Service Hand Towel
  • Coach Wristlet for my cash & cards
  • Jiji Coin purse
  • Wooden Slide Mirror
  • Owl Hobo Gloves
  • Pink Ecoute Zip-up bag for my feminine products, eye drops, bandaids, tissues, etc etc...
  • Michio London Makeup Bag for my cosmetics


  1. Awh I'm so jealous of basically everything in your bag! Especially the Jiji purse!

  2. everything ooks amazing, i love the gloves! xo

  3. Everything in your bag is so cute, love it <3


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