November 23, 2011

Mini Splurge at Kiddyland!

01. Swimmer Matryoshka Doll Pouch - ¥788 @ Kiddyland
02. Swimmer Drawstring Bag - ¥210 @ Kiddyland
03. Rilakkuma Contact Case - ¥577 @ By Campus
04. Swimmer Mori Mori Seal (stickers) - ¥294 @ Kiddyland

Today I decided to take a train down to Daito. They have a huge department store called Aeon (previously known as Jusco). What a better way to spend a cold day inside a department store rather than at home, yeah? I treated myself to some cute things like I always do whenever I go there. I made a stop at Kiddyland & By Campus. I definitely put a lot of moneys-worth there whenever I get the chance, haha. Especially since most of the stuff is reasonably priced, makes you want to spend more!

Visit the Swimmer website here.

What do you think? Cute or childish? Maybe both? (:


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