November 25, 2011

On this Friday night...

I have nothing better to do on a Friday night besides taking pictures of my cat's face. He's sleeping on the chair right underneath the heater while I watch Figure Skating on tv.


p.s. Is anyone else having a problem with Blogger? On the main dashboard, it'll only show a few blogs I'm subscribed to & at other times when I refresh the page it will show every single blog I am subscribed to. Also, I unsubscribed a few people but they still show up on my main dashboard & it says I am still subscribed to them... I wish this bug would get fixed.

Am I the only one experiencing this problem?


  1. i have the same problem, on my dashboard none of the people i follow show up at all, but they do when i look on my i phone :( really annoying, that's why i use bloglovin, it works! lol

    p.s your kitty cat is cute, i want a fat fluffy ginger one lol!


  2. Would it be wrong to play with his whiskers while he sleeps?

  3. Adorable with his kitty paw and everything...

  4. I have the exact same problem! It also won't show me who my follower are which is really frustrating because i like to check out their blog's back!(Thanks btw!) But yeah, i think they should sort this soon because it's soooo annoying!! Cute cat though! Bless him :) xoxo

  5. There's blogs that I follow that won't show up, but I'm really not a fan of bloglovin' so idk what to do !!! That cat is adorableeee btw x

  6. My dashboard is so glitchy that I have given up on it, I have resorted to "bookmarking" blogs in a somewhat old fashioned way! Just favouriting all the ones I come across, and yours is one of them so I'll be back to say Hello again soon! x


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