November 27, 2011

A Sunday Stroll...

I thought a 'shoe appreciation' photo shot was in order since these boots trekked my body all over town today without sore feet! Thanks, shoes.

Just standing around with a big hat on my head.

Channeling my inner 5 year old. I refuse to sit properly on the horse...

I bought this Fanta Funmix Cola+Orange drink on the way home at 7Eleven. It actually tasted pretty good!

I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon walking around my town. I made a lunch stop at McDonald's. I tried this new burger they have which is basically a croquette with shrimp augratin inside & it's topped with shredded cabbage & tomato marinara sauce. I would of taken a picture but I didn't want to look like a weird person, haha. It tasted really delicious. Definitely would buy it again.

I then made a stop at the ¥100 Shop! I bought a neck warmer, arm warmers (where you insert your thumb into a cutout hole & your fingers are sticking out), a cute hair tie & a Hello Kitty letter set.

On the way home I decided to stop at the nearby shrine/park. My town is full of them so why not take advantage of it, yeah? It's so peaceful & quiet there, serene & picturesque.

It's almost 2pm & even though I feel like I got a lot done, the day isn't over yet! Hopefully I can find something else to do before dinner. (:


    1. sunday i went to church, and after hanging out with some friends i went home. then i ate and drove to school. now i'm here at my desk in my dorm, typing up this comment to you :D

    2. 1) My head almost exploded when I saw this Fanta FunMix business. Coke + Orange!

      2) The bbq sauce (for nuggets) is different. It's a lot sweeter.
      Nice Boots.

      3) I finished packing.

      Glad you started a new blog. Nice boots!

    3. I spent my Sunday at Pizza Hut with my family as it is my baby sisters 7th birthday today! Let me tell you, Pizza Hut isn't very fun when you are slightly hungover and surrounded my children!

      I don't think we even have Fanta Cola/Orange in the UK! If we have I haven't seen it! It sounds rather odd. What is it like?

      Laura x

    4. Love your hat and bag, cute!

      if im honest my sunday consisted of being a little hungover and playing cod! xo


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