November 30, 2011

My Christmas List

My Christmas List is so small this year! I'm content with not getting anything at all to be honest. I'm already overjoyed with moving back to Japan 4+ months ago but having this be my first Christmas back in Japan in a very long time, I feel like my grandparents/family want to make it extra special. I'm fine with just the Christmas cake we ordered though, haha.

I've been wanting to get watercolors for a long time now. I used to paint with oil paints back in Minnesota but I lost inspiration & motivation so I stopped. But since moving back to Japan I've had a big urge to pick up water-coloring. I've also painted with acrylics back in the States but I didn't have too much love for that...

Another thing I've always wanted: a bicycle with a basket. It's such a Japanese thing to have here (haha), I want one of my own. I get so envious of young adult girls riding around with their bicycles...

Moving onto my last wish-list item, I really want a long feather down jacket. I've been eyeing this certain one from Uniqlo. I know I have plenty of jackets but not a long feather down jacket! I know this item can wait so I might hold off on it but it's such a temptation!

That's pretty much it! I also wouldn't mind getting anything owl, sheep, Totoro or Kiki/Jiji related!

What is on your Christmas List this year?


  1. Mine isn't too big either, have just asked for a filo fax or a diary and some CDs and beauty products. Have just discovered you blog, its lovely! xxxxx

  2. Daniel is! But he is indeed coming so I guess my big Christmas wish is coming true this year :-) Love the bike!


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